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Mizani Apps New way to increase sales with your curbside operation and decrease your reliance on delivery and reduce those high commissions?
Mizani Apps offers a turnkey and automated curbside pickup platform, for
Free. No commission, no sign-up costs, no contracts and no onerous fees for you or your guests.
Mizani Apps has partnered with restaurants nationwide and they are seeing great results.
We’ve dropped all upfront sign-up costs and slashed our business fees

Online Food ordering services within 24 hours setups
Stand alone or over your website

  • GPS Location-based deals
    - Your Own Online Food Ordering
    - Loyalty and referral programs
    - Social Media and Event sharing
    - Integration with ALL commerce platforms
    - Customer review management
    - Photo galleries
    - YouTube channel
    - Local and International analytics
    - Engagement in 45 languages
    - Graphic design
    - Facebook & Instagram Ads
    - And more.


During these unconventional times for the restaurant industry, Mizani Apps is fully committed to support our customers in any way we can.
In good faith, Mizani Apps is offering below-cost “Restaurant Rescue Kits.” These unique emergency marketing kits were developed by the experts at Mizani Apps and are exactly what your restaurant needs to stay ahead of the challenges facing our industry.
Your community needs you. Making sure customers know your restaurant is open for delivery – paired with assurances of safety measures – is the only way to endure throughout this time of uncertainty.


MizaniApps 2020 has released a Contactless Dining Kit to assist restaurants with social distancing measures as they prepare to reopen dining rooms in the coming days and weeks. The kit, which MizaniApps is making available free of charge to restaurants, notably offers technologies to assist restaurants with contactless order and payment, according to an email
Restaurants are operating at reduced capacity and with stricter social distancing measures in place.

In a letter sent to California Governor Gavin Newsom, of which The Spoon has obtained a copy, the Redwood City, CA-based company outlined the technologies on offer in its Contactless Dining Kit. “As our state looks towards reopening for business, it will be important for restaurants to operate in an environment that can reassure customers about their personal safety,” the letter states, before going on to say that the new normal will be “very different” and that “technology can play a very critical role in enabling this new normal.” 
For the Contactless Dining Kit, that technology primarily addresses how restaurants can ensure social distancing during the order and pay process in the dining room. That means plenty of contactless solutions.
MizaniApps Platform already offered a number of contactless order and pay solutions prior to the pandemic; for its kit, the company has pulled relevant pieces of software and hardware and bundle them together.

The contactless menu option lets restaurants place a QR code sticker on tables, which guests can scan to access the menu. Any loyalty or rewards programs the restaurant runs can be integrated into the process. For those guests that can’t use their own device

Restaurants can choose to have those orders directly integrated into their main POS system, or
MizaniApps ordering App Skipper which would definitely be the more contactless way to go.
MizaniApps QR code stickers and table placards, setup instructions, and a web app portal from which businesses can create and manage their online menus. 

As I mentioned earlier,
MizaniApps is giving this pack away for free right now to restaurants. That’s a generous move, given the turbulent times, but it’s also a smart one from a business perspective. MizaniApps is a front-of-house technology company, and at the moment, front-of-house players are fighting to remain relevant in a world where the in-house dining experience will probably never be the same. Allowing restaurants to sample its technology stack for free potentially gives MizaniApps wider exposure across the sector and, so long as execution goes well, helps the company solidify its credibility as an important tech company in the space. 

The company hasn’t yet said if there is a time limit on getting the kit, only that “supplies are limited” and that the offer is only valid while said supplies last.

That it’s chosen to focus on contactless order and payments is also a move that could pay off down the line for
MizaniApps. As a growing number of restaurant industry figures have said, contactless will be the way forward, and one of the most important parts of the restaurant experience to get right is ordering and payments.
MizaniApps can take some headache out of that process for restaurants with its technology, it could win over a lot of new and loyal clients as the foodservice world starts to reopen.

Nationwide : 1.844.MIZANI.1
Los Angles & San Diego Mobile: 310.948.2080
Riverside / Palm Springs / Las Vegas : 760.799.6961

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