Tap into Vibrant,Visual Eye Catching Print Marketing
While some winery patrons come solely for the grape, many stay for sunset strolls through the vineyard, tours of the barrel room and perfectly packed picnics. So how are wineries getting customers to wine and dine in the first place? They’re popping the cork on creative print marketing to blend the aroma with awareness and attendance.

Full-Bodied Brochures
Brochures make personalizing your promotions easy with more than 10 different folding options. You get to pick the presentation that best fits your design as you create collateral like product and pricing lists, a map to your establishment or services that get your products directly to customers.
From a classic single fold to a gate fold that reveals your content dramatically, or even an accordion fold that offers practical versatility, the right fold can mean the difference between a campaign that goes down smooth and one that leaves a bitter taste

Organic Outreach.
Sell Sheets simplify the promotion process with their one-piece practicality.
Essential Printing: Ideas for Communication that Connects
In today’s “new normal,” there are indeed printing projects essential for the safety and well-being of our society. But there’s also a heart-felt, more creative side to printing that reminds us we’re all in this together. We’re connecting with customers on a more personal level and finding new ways to reach friends and family from afar. At Mizani Creative Branding Studio, we’ve seen the best from both worlds and have compiled some of our favorites to share. We hope these ideas and stories inspire you as much as they did us… how we can design, guide, support and encourage amidst these times that are a’changin’.

Postcards, A Client Connection
Our goal for this project was to build a set of ‘shelter-in-place’ kits that we could mail to our top clients as a nice surprise. We wanted to send out something to hopefully break up their day and give them a smile. With the way things are right now, we can all use a smile or a surprise to shake things up. In the kits we included chocolates, coffee, a Creed coffee mug and a handmade face mask (all locally-sourced), but we knew we also wanted to send a nice note to explain the kits and connect with our clients. That’s where the postcards came in. [They] turned out amazing and the response we received from our clients was overwhelmingly positive.”

Saddle Stitch Booklets, Educational Altruism
That literally provides young readers a rhyme with a reason for social distancing, with all profits going to COVID-19 relief efforts in their community. “We are just two people who wanted to make a difference and raise money for charity,” said Zaino. “[Mizani Creative Branding Studio] kept all deadlines and the project moved forward as planned. It even arrived a day earlier than expected! The quality of the books themselves was awesome, and I was pleased by how thick the pages were. The color of the illustrations was calibrated quite well, so the saturation and hues looked true to the

Yard Signs, Community Support
uses Mizani Creative Branding Studio for its easy project execution and competitive pricing, Because of COVID-19, the seniors have many things they are going to miss out on: the spring athletic season, prom, saying goodbye to teachers, saying goodbye to friends, potentially a different graduation ceremony, senior party, etc. We all feel sad and are literally grieving. This was a way to honor our graduating seniors in our community.

Business Cards, Tips& Tricks in a Kit
both personally and professionally. the quality is excellent and customer service is detailed, very thorough and knowledgeable.” For a special project at her company, took a unique spin on a Business Card. “This card fits in a wallet and provides helpful tips on one side and a place for medical information to be shared in case of an emergency on the other. [It’s] part of a Welcome Back to the Office Tool Kit that includes a personal hand sanitizer, electronic screen wipes, lip balm and tissues.”
Greeting Cards, Personal Correspondence
With COVID-19 changing the business landscape, ideas considered passion projects are transforming into profits

Small Posters, Sharing Joy & Giving Back Sell Sheets, Get the Word Out
“I am continually impressed with Mizani Creative Branding Studio both in print quality and customer experience. I found Mizani Creative Branding Studio about a year ago when I was needing to change printing companies and it was their website that drew me in at first. It’s slick and easy to navigate. I really appreciate great design and I sense that Smartpress does, too. [After] I received the free sample book and my first print order, I haven’t looked back!”

Perfect Bound Books,
Engaging Entertainment
“We created Your Pandemic to act as a mindful journal with activity pages to keep the audience engaged and present. It can act as a time capsule to document your own personal journey happening amidst this global pandemic. Furthermore, we knew we couldn’t be the only people searching for ways to help while being forced to stay home. A percentage of all of our sales go directly to charities involved with helping the individuals fighting for our safety on the front lines. Mainly, we really wanted to bring some light and love into this cold and dark world. We want to bring people together during this time we are forced to be apart.”